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Jersey Tennerfest

October-November 2022

Jersey is renowned for its excellent freshly caught seafood. As award-winning food writer Kevin Gould explained when sent out on a fishing trip by the team;

“Jersey’s waters teem with delicious seafood, and provide some of the world’s finest fishing.”

Lobster, oysters and fresh langoustines will all appear on menus with other delights such as rainbow mackerel, scallops and sea bass. Cooked simply and presented with fresh Jersey Royal potatoes and some creamy island butter, these make for truly home grown treats. Jersey is also famed for its Jewel tomatoes, apples, black butter, Jersey wonders and dairy produce including milk, cheese, ice cream and fudge from the islands own Jersey cows.

In the Autumn, from the beginning of October to mid-November, the Channel Islands celebrates their annual Tennerfest Food Festival, which each year brings together fresh produce and top chefs in celebration of the islands’ varied and delicious cuisine. Over 170 restaurants and eateries participate, offering varied menus from just £10 a head. It is a great time of year to holiday in Jersey avoiding the crowds of the summer months, whilst benefiting from the mild autumn weather in the Channel Islands and taking advantage of the wonderful Jersey cuisine on offer at very reasonable prices. 

For a selection of restaurants participating in the Tennerfest promotion see

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